Before settling down for an evening on your own, you may want to attend one of these free informative technical tours at Oregon State University. OSU staff has graciously offered to take time out of their evening to guide these tours which will run concurrently.

Select one of the following tours when you register for the conference:

Driving Simulator

drivingsimThe Oregon State driving simulator is a high-fidelity moving-base simulator. The simulator consists of a full size 2009 Ford Fusion cab mounted on top of a high performance electric pitch motion system. The vehicle cab is mounted on the pitch motion system with the driver’s eye-point located at the center of the viewing volume. The simulator enables input of 3D models for a scene is used for a variety of driver behavior and safety studies.

Minimum Attendees: 5
Maximum Attendees: 20

Geotechnical Field Site

technicalThe Geotechnical Engineering Field Research Site at Oregon State University provides researchers, engineering practitioners, and contractors with a well-characterized site for state-of-the-art research and product testing. The site was established in 1997 with the first round of extensive geotechnical and geophysical investigations. Since that time the data base of geotechnical and geophysical information at the site has been significantly expanded with results from the following tests:

  • Standard geotechnical drilling, sampling and laboratory testing of soils.
  • In situ testing including Standard Penetration Tests, Seismic Cone Penetration Tests, Dilatometer Tests, and Pressuremeter Tests.
  • Geophysical testing including Downhole SH-Wave Velocity, Seismic Refraction (P and SH wave methods), Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves method, and Reflection Microtremor method.

Minimum Attendees: 10
Maximum Attendees: 20

Strong Floor

strongLocated at the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, the strong floor – second largest structural testing floor on the West Coast–allows researchers to simulate earthquakes and forces up to one million pounds and frames up to two stories high. The floor, measuring 24 feet wide and 68 feet long, is steel-reinforced concrete five feet thick, with massive bolts and anchors to which materials can be attached and their strength tested.

Minimum Attendees: 10
Maximum Attendees: 20

Wave Research Lab

wavelabO.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, home of the largest tsunami research faculty in the US. The tour will feature a presentation highlighting past tsunami and hurricane research along with a walking tour of the laboratory.

Please note at this time, live demonstrations of actual wave generation cannot be confirmed due to maintenance and project set up.

Minimum Attendees: 20
Maximum Attendees: 40